I have always believed that I was graced with a creative spirit and that I explore the world around me both visually and viscerally and outside the box. I feel blessed in this later stage of life to have the chance to express this creative bent in my painting. I recall my great pleasure with patterns and colors at an early age and gravitated toward arts and crafts using natural materials such as wood, clay, reed, silver and copper, burlap, silk, cotton, and linen. In my earlier days, I especially enjoyed working with copper enamels and taught classes in that medium.

My late-life career as an artist began in 1999 as I prepared to retire as a Social Worker and as co-director of Aging Network Services. At that time I began formal art studies with weekend and evening classes in drawing and painting at the Washington Studio School. Since then, I have had more time to indulge my love in art through workshops and classes in the D.C. Metro area and in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

My specialty is watercolor painting. I try to achieve many of the same effects as in copper enameling with translucent colors, the flow of watery paint, and interesting edges akin to the fire scale in firing enamels. I like to experiment in a variety of media, recently adding acrylics and collages.

Regular yearly trips to Mexico over a period of ten years gave me a chance to explore vibrant colors and new subject matter for my painting: mothers and their babies, vendors with their pushcarts, women in the marketplace, and manual laborers doing their everyday work. People who are proud of their work, e.g., a housekeeper sweeping and her gardener husband, are among my favorite subjects.

A highlight in my art career came in 2010 with the honor of being named Artist in Residence at Iona Gallery in Northwest D.C. The gallery showed seventy five paintings and photographs and I participated in programs bringing art to the community. Recently in 2015-2016 I have had paintings showing with the Iona Artists In Residence at the Leading Age Gallery in N.W. D.C.

Please enjoy my newest nature art project under the Title  “Leaf Cards.”